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Jul 10 2023

Propak event 2023

            ITO Thailand Co. Ltd, presents innovative products for the food industry under the theme    “New Era of Smarter Food Hygiene,” showcasing cutting-edge technologies from Japan. These technologies aim to elevate safety and cleanliness standards within food factories, enhance production efficiency, reduce long-term costs, minimize risks, and improve the well-being of operational staff. Additionally, the showcased technologies are aligned with carbon footprint reduction and environmental preservation efforts.

The new era and the well-being of food factories

            Cleanliness and safety in food production are paramount in the food industry. One of the main causes of contamination is the introduction of contaminants through employees, such as dust, hair, and various residues that may adhere to their bodies. Therefore, it is crucial to have steps in place to effectively eliminate contaminants from employees.

            From the disposable adhesive tape rollers and dust trapping sheets placed under shoes, we are introducing a new material for dust trapping, which is a reusable gel urethane gel. It helps reduce waste from tearing disposable adhesive sheets, saving long-term costs, and aligning with environmental sustainability policies. The design comes in various forms, such as a body roller, replacing traditional adhesive rollers. Employees are familiar with similar products, making the transition seamless. Another design is a step mat, suitable for capturing dust in areas at risk, such as trapping dust from shoes and wheelchair wheels in production entrances and exits. It can also trap hair in dressing rooms or be installed in server rooms to capture heavy dust on the floor. The lightweight dust catcher design can be placed on the wall near air conditioners to capture dust, while the special design Haimen mat effectively traps dust in hard-to-reach areas, which is difficult to achieve with traditional adhesive rollers.

Electronics devices for industrial use

            ITO (Thailand) presents electrical devices for the food industry and other industries. These devices can be plugged into a standard power outlet (220V) and used immediately. For example, the Vacuum and Dust Cleaner is equipped with a function to detect the presence of foreign objects on workers and uses suction power to remove them. It also has timer and counting functions. The Boot Cleaner is an automated system for cleaning footwear such as boots, safety shoes, or sneakers used in the production line. It operates using sensors to detect the presence of footwear and can clean both wet and dry systems. The Air Shower, designed according to customer requirements (size, length, material, air strength, number of employees), blows away dirt from workers. The Laser Cleaner is used to clean hard-to-reach surfaces such as molds, grates, belts, etc., using laser energy to burn organic matter into smoke. The Nitrogen Production System produces nitrogen gas or liquid by distilling nitrogen from the air, providing instant nitrogen supply for industries, reducing transportation issues and fuel consumption. The Speed Shutter Door is a high-speed opening and closing door designed to prevent external contamination. It comes with additional features such as insect-repellent screens and systems for cold storage rooms. The Ultrafine Bubble technology uses specially designed pipes and water pumps to generate nano-level air bubbles mixed with water. It can be used in various applications, such as improving the efficiency of pesticide removal from fruits and vegetables by three times compared to regular water (based on laboratory experiments), cleaning raw materials or production lines while reducing the use of chemicals or cleaning agents, and assisting in aeration in the aquaculture industry and wastewater treatment.

AI technology in the food industry

            AI technology has played an increasingly important role in various industries, including the food industry. In this event, we have presented two examples of incorporating AI in the food industry.

            The first example is AI hand washing monitoring, which combines motion detection cameras with AI technology to track the handwashing behavior of employees in the production process. This AI system analyzes handwashing gestures and provides real-time feedback to ensure proper handwashing practices, promoting a culture of food safety within the organization.

            The second example is an eye-tracking system to prevent cross-contamination without any physical contact with screens or materials. This system can be used in various ways, such as reading conditions, sending commands, and verifying the accuracy and completeness of products.

Robots and Automation Systems

            Robots and automation systems have played an increasingly important role in the food industry. They help improve production efficiency, alleviate labor shortages, and reduce work-related risks in hazardous environments, such as extreme temperatures or exposure to hazardous chemicals. This year, we introduce our latest innovation, the COBOPAL robot, which can work safely alongside humans. Equipped with sensors, it detects human presence and adjusts or stops its actions to ensure safety. The robot is capable of handling a maximum weight of 30 kilograms.

            For Propak Asia 2023, we have presented a special promotion exclusively for the event. The prices offered during the exhibition will be honored if product orders are placed by the end of July 2023.